Why should your family join us

The only festival celebrating the francophonie in Saskatchewan !
The festival offers bilingual services, it makes everybody welcome and feel like home.

We aim to provide a francophone environment for three (3) days in an English province.
A place where participants can practice their French, whether they are bilinguals or beginners and discover the incredible francophone culture of Saskatchewan !

It’s a unique experience to live, play and discover a culture, language and arts through fun activities, in a social atmosphere. Also our friendly volunteers will be there to guide you in english any time ! Find out more about the 2015 festival program

It’s an incredible opportunity to practice and live in french outside of the school environment. More than a language they will discover and learn about art and francophone culture ! Festival Fête Fransaskoise also offers lots of fun and entertaining activities (outdoor games, artistic workshops…) especially designed for children and families!

Thanks to our partner Association des Parents Fransaskois, a forum « My kid speaks french better than me » about how to guide your children in their french learning, what are the tips and tools that exist to help you, how important your roles are.

And get to know other parents in the same situation as you : exogames families, anglophones families with kids learning french !